Am I insured?

Posted by on September 15th, 2015

Alert: Some on the information on this page may no longer be relevant post-Brexit. For the most up to date information, please visit GOV.UK

Whether you drive your car everyday, or it sits untouched in your garage all-year round, you need some form of insurance to stay on the right side of the law.

That hasn’t always been the case in the UK but for the past few years new laws have been in place to combat the growing number of uninsured motorists on the road.

Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE)

Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) laws were brought into place in the UK in 2011.

They state that your vehicle must be insured or be declared off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) at all times.

If you own a vehicle without it being insured or SORN, you are breaking the law.

The fines

If you are found breaking CIE laws, you will be fined £100 and if you do not insure or SORN your vehicle after the fine you could face court action and a further fine of anything between £1,000 and £5,000.

It’s an additional cost everybody could do without but as well as being hit in the pocket your vehicle could also be clamped, seized and disposed of.

Motorists can also be disqualified and get anything from six to eight penalty points on their licence. That can make future insurance prices pretty expensive because insurers don’t take too kindly to insurance cheats.

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Why were CIE laws brought into place?

Insurance prices in the UK are expensive and have been growing for a number of years.

One of the reasons behind their near constant rise is the number of uninsured motorists on the road.

In 2011 it was estimated that uninsured motorists cost the insurance industry £500m-a-year. The knock-on effect for UK car drivers was estimated to be as much as £30 extra per policy.

How can I get caught?

You will get caught whether your car is on the road or hidden in your garage.

That’s because the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) works with the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) to compare records and wheedle out anyone breaking the law.

How do I know if I’m insured?

All vehicle insurers will inform you when your policy is about to expire and they will usually do this with one month remaining on your current policy.

That gives you lots of notice to either let your policy auto-renew (if it does), search for a new and improved insurance policy or register your vehicle off the road with a SORN from the DVLA.

Make sure you’re insured or SORN at all times.

While can’t help tell you if you’re insured, we can retrieve any quotes you requested through us, so if you’re looking for old insurance quotes and prices, phone us.