New UK speed cameras – what you need to know



The new and advanced 'ultra' speed camera, Jenoptik VECTOR-SR
Jenoptik VECTOR-SR

Safety cameras incorporating the latest digital technology are being rolled out across the UK. So, if you use your phone while driving or fail to buckle up, you’re now more likely to be caught!

The new and advanced ‘ultra’ speed camera called the Jenoptik VECTOR-SR works differently to our usual speed cameras. They now have the ability to look inside vehicles, meaning they can catch you for more than just speeding.

How do they work?

The VECTOR-SR operates without flashing, which means you won’t know if you’ve been detected or not. The new two-way camera can catch speeding drivers in both directions and can also capture drivers in up to three lanes. The camera employs video-based technology and an intelligent virtual grid to assess speeding.

The camera is the latest in ‘spot camera’ technology from German manufacturer Jenoptik Traffic Solutions. Doubling as a red-light camera, the new technology detects motorists for more than just speeding, these camera’s will snap motorists who aren’t wearing a seatbelt and motorists using a mobile phone at the wheel.

Unlike traditional cameras, it doesn’t require road markings, the cameras operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It uses infra-red low light technology which allows images to be captured via still photos and video recordings. This eliminates the need for a camera flash, even at night and in bad weather conditions.

What do they look like?

All new cameras will still be painted yellow, as is currently required for all UK speed cameras. They are far more streamlined and lack the traditional ‘box’-type structure of the famous speed camera which means they are harder to spot.

Where in the UK are the new speed cameras?

Already making waves across the UK, the VECTOR-SR has been deployed in Greater Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cornwall, and Wales. Transport Scotland have signed a deal worth almost half a million for installation to take place across both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed more than 100 have been deployed within the city, thanks to funding from the Mayor’s Challenge Fund. The VECTOR-SR’s compact size and cost-effective installation make it an attractive solution for authorities aiming to enhance traffic safety and compliance.

Speeding fines explained

If you’ve been caught speeding by a traffic officer, or by one of the 6,000 speed cameras dotted around the UK, check out our speeding fines article.

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