The best van security locks, alarms and products on the market

The best van security locks, alarms and products on the market

If you rely on your van for work, you’ll appreciate just how important van security is – the last thing you need is for your van or its parts to be stolen.

Keeping your van safe is not only good for business but can also help lower your premium, so here are some examples of what’s on offer.

Will a better lock or alarm lower my van insurance?

Some insurers will bear in mind any additional security you have and lower premiums as a result but you’ll need to check with your provider first before making any assumptions.

For instance, some insurers may have a preference for the type of lock or alarm you use and will only agree a discount if they’re happy with what’s being used.

It’s also a good idea to choose a well-known or respected brand – for example, a Thatcham approved device. Thatcham are the car security experts and advise the motor industry on all sorts of safety issues, as well as carry out safety research.

Best van security locks

There’s no question that van security has improved over the years, but thieves are getting smarter too. To improve security, think about fitting a secondary or more robust lock, for example:

Slamlock – these are high security van door locks and as the name suggests, these automatically lock when your doors are slammed shut. They’re integrated with your van’s existing lock so are best fitted by a professional. Slamlocks are ideal for anyone in and out of their van regularly, like couriers.

Deadlock – these work in addition to your van lock and provide a second level of security, similar to a deadbolt in front doors. Unlike a slamlock, these aren’t automatically activated so you’ll need to remember to lock it in the first place.

Security plates – these are designed to fit around the lock area of your van. They’re typically made up of metal plates to make it harder for a thief to pick or forcibly open a lock. You can either fit plates yourself or ask a professional.

The best van security locks, alarms and products on the market

Van security box

A security box can be fitted to the inside your van and while it won’t stop your van from being broken into, it can keep safe any valuables (just don’t forget to lock it).

Boxes are usually made of metal and come in a variety of sizes, you can also choose models with or without drawers if you prefer to keep tools or paperwork in order.

The more expensive models are reinforced to prevent them being forced open. You can also buy secure boxes for carrying specific items – for example, flammable liquids.

Van security cameras

Van security cameras work in a similar way to CCTV in a home security system – they’re often motion sensitive and suitable for night-time recording. Some cameras are also encased in metal to minimise damage.

It’s up to you how much you want to spend on a camera system but some experts recommend having three cameras (one at the front looking out to the road, another inside the van cabin and one at the back).

If this seems too much, you can buy dash cams with motion sensors which you can set up yourself.

Van security alarms

If your van doesn’t have a factory fitted alarm or you want to add an extra alarm, you can have one installed by a professional.

Like a van security camera, alarms are set off by movement. More sophisticated alarms can be used via an app on your smartphone that will alert you if they’re set off. These systems can also be disabled using the app if it’s a false alarm.

The best van security locks, alarms and products on the market


Most new vans have factory fitted electronic immobilisers – some of which will work together with your van’s alarm system. If your van’s slightly older or doesn’t have an immobiliser, you can have one fitted.

Electronic immobilisers stop the van from starting by preventing its components from working together but mechanical immobilisers like steering wheel locks can also be effective.

How much does all this security cost?

Cost varies depending on the type of security method you choose, the van you have and whether or not you have to pay for installation.

More complicated or specialist devices will need to be fitted by a professional; if you’re not sure who to ask, your local garage might have some recommendations.

You should also think about what’s in your van – if you don’t carry anything expensive or your van is very old, installing new alarms, immobilisers and cameras simply might not be worth it.

Protect your van and tools with the right type of van insurance

Prevention is always better than cure, so read up on some of these van security tips and tricks for some extra ideas on how to prevent your van being stolen.

However, if the worst does happen and your van and tools have been stolen or destroyed, your insurance might be able to provide you with compensation.

For example, adding on goods in transit insurance can cover the cost of any stolen or damaged tools, equipment or cargo you carry – just make sure to check the specific policy details to find out what’s covered.

To find a policy that meets your needs, you can start a quote online, or if you’d prefer to speak to a friendly member of the team, call them on 0330 022 8814.