Business van insurance

Business van insurance, sometimes known as commercial van insurance, is a must have for anyone who uses their van for work.

We could leave it there but we’ll give you a bit more information about it as well.

Who needs business van insurance?

If you use your van at all for work, then you need business van insurance, and that includes commuting.

So if you use a van to drive to work, if you’re a gardener who drives to and from jobs in a van, or if you’re a children’s entertainer and use a van to transport helium canisters, you need business van insurance.

How is business van insurance different?

Business van insurance is different because it offers more cover than a private van insurance policy.

Where a private policy will either be Comprehensive, Third Party Only or Third Party Fire and Theft policies, a business van policy will offer more.

The three main forms are Carriage of own goods (which covers your belongings while you’re on the road), Carry goods for hire or reward (covers anything you are delivering) and Haulage (covers anything with fixed deliveries between you and clients).

Where can I get business van insurance?

You can get competitive business van insurance quotes from

And as if that wasn’t enough, also lets you compare business van insurance prices over the phone if an online form is a bridge too far for you.